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개 워커와 개

Tomorrow's caring Starts Today

We are a compromised company of 5 different business professions such as pet medical, pet supervising, pet training, engineering, and blockchain development. Our goal is to save every single animals from being mistreated and abandoned in our society. 

We Made
a Promise

Based in Singapore, we launched our first application platform in South Korea, where pet regulations has been restricted recently as the government regulated officially that every pet has to be registered. It is a very convenient model for us to adopt blockchain technology  into. Since 2021, we started building infrastructure in South Korea, partnering pet hospitals, organizations, pet service centers and etc.

Ever since we built the concept of our company, it became our duty and goal to save as many animals as possible, that are living among our society and are suffering from mistreatment and abandoned.


Composed of professionals, our team builds unique and convenient platform ecosystem.

Blockchain Developer

-Participated in 12 different Blockchain core development 

-Built wallet system for Kxxxx Exchange, Hxxxx Exchange, and Bxxxxx Exchange

Project Manager 

-12 years of experience in pet care industry

-Former CMO of Petco

Tech Lead Manager 

-Full stack Engineer (over 14 years)

-More than 32 Blockchain project lead 


-Current CEO of PETTO. PTE. LTD.

-Advisor of WellPet

-Former president of PETloss Foundations

-Former CTO of GlobalPetAccessories

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