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Digital Caring
at Hand

You can simply help mistreated and abandoned pets by donation on the platform. We brought Blockchain technology into the system in order to provide and supervise the transparency of the donation funds. 

New Features

Pet Charity is now available for anyone to participate and help out. You can check whether the funds are used properly and how they are managing caring programs on the application platform. It is opened to anyone on the platform and let us know the exact outcomes from the funds we collected.


When pet owners are not able to afford to give treatments and medical service to their pets, we will manage to provide them the treatment they need by our donation funds allocated for those who can't afford. This funds are not only collected by donations on the platform, but also are collected from every single transaction made by REI Token on the platform. 


In South Korea, about 235,637 pets are registered properly and are being supervised by the government and it's organizations. Every pets have their registered micro-chips in them, which allows us to simply collect data and to connect them with REI Token. This will provide the owners and any pet caring person to simply check on our application platform to find lost-pets or pets that needs help. 

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